Workplace Webinar Series

In partnership with the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce, we're pleased to offer our Workplace Webinar Series. These short webinars are designed to provide a comprehensive framework to address the behavioral health of your workforce - now during COVID-19 and into the future.


May 7th @1:30PM
Leading During COVID-19: How Anxiety and Depression Impacts Teams
In light of the current health crisis, business owners and leaders no longer have the option of not addressing the impact mental health and substance misuse can have on their employees. Learn More >


May 14th @1:30PM
Supporting Employees During Times of Job and Financial Insecurity 
As leaders and business owners, there’s never been a more critical time to communicate with your workforce and support employees with the resources available. Learn More >


May 21st @1:30PM
What to Know About Behavioral Health for Remote and On-Site Teams
There’s no question that mental health and substance misuse concerns are rising. Now more than ever, helping employees to address behavioral health needs is an unavoidable part of the job. Learn More >

May 28th @1:30PM
How to Prioritize Psychological Safety and Anti-Stigma Remotely 
Psychological safety is ultimately what will drive organizations forward, especially in times of high stress and uncertainty like today. Learn More >