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Behavioral Health Literacy

Fact Sheets 

These behavioral health flyers can be used in email, on your website, or in social posts. Printed versions can also be pinned to bulletin boards or used at health fairs and events.

"Did you know" Sheets

Available in both English and Spanish, these  documents are a great way to help promote hope, resiliency, education, tips, and treatment information to audiences. 




Behavioral Health in the Workplace

Informational PDFs

It's a new era of work and the same concepts that promote a healthier workforce are the ones that will also set organizations apart as a place people WANT to work. Read on for ways to better support your current and future workforces.

Recent Articles & Blog Posts

Check out the recent articles and blog posts below for resources on everything from how to maximize your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), how to talk about current events in the office, specific highlights on the tech industry, and more.

LGBTQ+ Resources

We always say that talking about mental health is hard, but can be especially so in the workplace. So whether it's in honor of Pride month or all year long, it's important for your organization to find ways to specifically support your LGBTQ+ employees. 

Recent Webinars

Listen to one of our on-demand webinars to not only learn more about how mental health and substance use issues can impact your workforce, but also how to better support your employees and foster a psychologically safe workplace.

▶️ What's Next? Supporting the Behavioral Health of your Employees

▶️ What to Know About Behavioral Health for Remote and On-Site Teams

▶️ Understand Depression & How to Ask for Help

▶️ Anxiety in the Workplace: Building a Psychologically Safe Culture

▶️ How to Prioritize Psychological Safety and Anti-Stigma Remotely

🚧  Construction Industry Spotlight

The following articles have been developed in partnership with leading industry associations such as the CIASP (Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention), Construction Executive,  Construction Financial Management Association, and more.

Recent Podcasts

Listen to MindWise on Episode #20 of the Psych Hub Podcast >

Dr. Lisa Desai, Director of Behavioral Health Consulting at MindWise Innovations, shares her insights with Psych Hub on how to manage a company culture full of individuals with varying perspectives on mental health, in a post-Covid world, including: 

“It’s really imperative that leaders start to recognize, and are recognizing, that building a resilient workforce is the best thing you can do to have productivity - and quality of the productivity, not only quantity.”



Informational PDFs

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 continues to affect individuals in waves. To continue offering support and coping tips, share these PDFs in emails, on social, or during internal discussions about behavioral health.

Webinars: Coping with Uncertainty (Part I & Part II)

In Part I, we discuss how to cope with the uncertainty of COVID-19 using a framework of safety, predictability, and control to support  students virtually. 

▶️ Watch Part I  (for schools, teachers, faculty)

In Part II, we expand the discussion to include all adults and discuss ways to reduce feelings of anxiety or hopelessness, with strategies to help individuals feel more in control. 

▶️ Watch Part II (for colleges and workplaces)

Webinar: Leading During COVID - How Anxiety & Depression Impact Teams

Behavioral health has always been important, but with the current health crisis, business leaders no longer have the option of not addressing the impact mental health and substance misuse can have on their employees.

▶️ Watch (for business executives, managers, and leadership roles)



Teen Voices: Coping with the Pandemic

Hear from actual teens how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their lives - in both positive and negative ways.

Interrupted Grief: Modifying our Rituals

Grief can be compounded when we aren't able to practice the rituals you would normally use to cope and celebrate the life of someone you lost.

Ambiguous Grief: Managing Emotional Losses 

Hear from actual teens how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their lives - in both positive and negative ways.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Older Adults

During the pandemic, a period of incredibly high stress for many of us, one group has remained at highest risk - and that's older adults.

How to Talk to Kids About COVID-19

It can be difficult to know how to talk to children about big worrisome events, but here are some tips for how to approach the conversation.

Brain Fog and the Neuroscience Behind It

Many of us have been feeling brain fog during COVID-19, but understanding cognitive load theory helps to cope with that feeling.


Mental Health Awareness Month  

2022 Press Release Template

Download our editable press release template to announce how you're partnering with MindWise to prioritize education, awareness, and support for  mental health and substance use in support of Mental Health Awareness Month or modify for use anytime of the year. *To edit the template, download it to your desktop and open it from there.

Get the template >




*May the 4th Be With You*

To celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th) and Mental Health Month, we created some special fanfare. Download our themed wallpapers for Zoom, mobile, and desktop: 

Logo Templates  

Download the below logos to further promote your partnership with MindWise and add them to any of your Mental Health Awareness Month promotions. 

Email & Social Images 

Download the below image packages to use in emails, newsletters, or on social to promote the importance of self-care, how to lead by example, and behavioral health stats.


Men's Mental Health   

Real People, Real Stories

We're sharing the real-life stories and mental health experiences of men's mental health across different ages, races, and sexual orientations. 

Our goal is to provide support to vulnerable male populations and connect men with online tools to screen for anxiety, depression, substance and alcohol use, disordered eating, and more. 

Take a free online screening >


Story No. 1

Living with Anxiety & Not Realizing You're Anxious

"I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. I wish I’d realized that sooner. No one ever told me I was anxious – how was I supposed to know? Maybe that feeling of unrelenting nervousness...."

Read Jake's Story >

Story No. 2

Raise Your Hand If You've Ever Struggled Too

"I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at 19. I’d been struggling with depression – and understanding my sexuality – since at least the seventh grade. The two were so intertwined...."

Read Nick's Story >

Story No. 3

Getting Real with Weston Karnes

"After getting deeply embarrassed in front of my entire class, a five-year period of isolation, loneliness, and social anxiety was triggered. I became obsessed with how people..."

Read Weston's Story >

Story No. 4

Balancing Mental Health & Societal Expectations as a Young Adult

"I’ll never forget sitting in my therapist’s home office during my sophomore year of college and being told for the first time that I’m incredibly anxious and depressed… and not everyone else feels that way...."

Read Louie's Story >

Story No. 5

Coping With Anxiety, Depression, and Substance Use

"Though I struggled with substance use and was formally diagnosed with social anxiety, general anxiety, PTSD, and depression - I didn’t seek help because I was raised to believe that was a sign of weakness..."

Read Dan's Story >

Story No. 6

When it Comes to your Mental Health: You are Experiencing What you are Experiencing

"When I was young, my parents got divorced. I was in second grade and desperately wanted and needed therapy but we couldn’t afford it. I was about eight at the time and living with a festering feeling..."

Read Chase's Story >


The 22'/23' SchoolKit 


Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources for Students and School Staff

Our free 22'/23' SchoolKit is a compilation of our most popular tools for schools looking to either start or enhance their suicide prevention resources and mental health support systems.

No matter where your school is at with resources for your students or staff, we'll help you move the conversation forward.

Read more about our K-12 services >


Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention

Suicide Prevention Month Resources 

Download the below resources to raise awareness for suicide prevention. We've got images for emails and social media, a printable poster for in-person use, and a range of one-pagers in the sections below.


Trauma & Trauma-Informed Systems

An Overview of Trauma

A traumatic event is when you experience the threat of death or serious injury to yourself or others. Trauma can result from an incident such as an overdose or accident, or from repeated acts such as violence or abuse.

Reactions vary widely, but can include extreme fear, shock, helplessness, and physical symptoms – all of which can significantly impact the health of individuals.

That's why it's important not only to support people, but also to create supportive environments that ensure individuals feel safe.

What is a Trauma-Informed System?

Creating trauma-informed environments can provide a foundation that supports those individuals who have experienced trauma or might be coping with a traumatic experience.

Why is a Trauma-Informed System Important?

A trauma-informed system allows schools and organizations to build and support mentally healthy and safe environments for themselves and others. 

The Role of Safety in a Trauma-Informed System

Here are some practical ways to think about how we design school spaces, for example, to ensure an optimal learning environment where students feel safe and are set up for success.


Poster Templates

Posters by Topic

The best way to normalize mental health is by talking about it. These posters are designed to help ignite the conversation.

Posters for Screening Sites

If you have a MindWise Screening Site, add your URL to the white box on any of the below posters to direct people to take a free screening.

Social Media & Email Templates

Images Packages

Talking about behavioral health and suicide prevention in emails and on social media is a great way to reach people where they are. If you have a MindWise Screening Site, just add your URL to the caption of applicable images to direct people to take a free screening.

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