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Marketing Your Screening Site

Social Media Starter Pack

Looking for social content to engage your community with your Screening site? Download these social images to get started - just add your Screening URL in the caption of each post. *Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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"Did You Know?" Flyers

Available in both English and Spanish, these  behavioral health disorder fact sheets are a great way to help promote hope, resiliency, education, tips, and treatment information to audiences. 

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 Informational Flyers

These behavioral health disorder flyers can be used in email, on your website, or in social posts. Printed versions can also be pinned to bulletin boards or used at health fairs and events.

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COVID-19 Resources

Behavioral health is more important than ever during the COVID-19 health crisis and  we’re offering a host of videos, tip sheets, resources, and webinars to support audiences digitally. 

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Webinar Library

Check out our Webinar Library to listen as our experts offer guidance on a variety of topics.  Feel free to listen and share in emails, in links on your website, or on social. 

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More Videos

We're adding more and more videos to our YouTube channel every week on everything from understanding grief, to coping tips, and breathing exercises.

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National Screening Days to Add to Your Calendar

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Promote the benefits of screening during the last week of February and into the first week of March - coinciding with NEDA's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week - to help those in need.

National Alcohol Screening Day

Held on Thursday during the first full week of  April, NASD promotes the importance of using screens to offer anonymous and confidential help to those struggling with alcohol.

National Depression Screening Day

Held on Thursday during the first full week of October, NDSD increases awareness of the use of screens to help identify those suffering from depression and connect them to treatment. 

Research Citations & Validations


While the MindWise screenings are educational and not diagnostic, they have been validated. This means in a trial, the screenings consistently came to the same conclusion that a clinician did when evaluating patients. 

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Learn about the individual screening validations for MindWise screens, such as: Alcohol Use, Adolescent Depression, Disordered Eating, General Anxiety, Gambling, Depression, Bipolar, Opioid Use, Psychosis, and more.

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Frequently  Asked Questions

How do I access the Online Screening Admin?
Visit https://www.mindwise.org/customer-login/, scroll down and click on Online Screening Admin.  Your username should be your email address and you can request a password reset if you have forgotten your password. 
How can I find my screening URL?
You can find this information in the Profile tab of the Online Screening Admin.
How can I receive my screening utilization data reports by email?
You can update this in the Profile tab of the Online Screening Admin.  Multiple email address may be entered.  
How do I update the admin contact information for my account?
You may update the admin name and email, as well as the account password in the Profile section.  
How do I run utilization reports?
In the Reports tab, you can run a report for the last 30 days, current month, previous month, or “custom range”.  This information can then be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet and/or PDF.  
What can I do in the Customization tab?
In this section you can enable or disable Spanish translations as well as the “Print Results” and “Email Results” features.  You can also upload a new logo and customize the referral information that is placed at the end of the screenings.  Please note that you will need to provide the Spanish text for any referral information that you add.
How can I add new demographics questions?
In the Demographics tab you may add your own demographic questions (you will need to provide Spanish text for any questions that you create).  You may also choose to activate/deactivate the demographics questions that are already pre-populated in the platform and activate/deactivate the treatment history questions for each screen.   
I need to deactivate some of my screenings. Is this possible?
Yes. Please email screening@mindwise.org.  Your deactivated screens can be reactivated at any time.  Please note that for the Wide Range Screen to function properly, the Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Use, Alcohol Use and Disordered Eating screens must be active.
Does it cost more or less to have certain screenings activated on our platform?
No, your annual subscription cost includes access to all of our screenings and activating or deactivating specific ones will not affect the cost.   
How do I contact MindWise Innovations?
You can email us at screening@mindwise.org.
How can I renew my college's subscription?
To renew your college screening subscription please visit our online shop and select the appropriate pricing option based on your institution’s total student enrollment.  
How can I renew my community or workplace subscription?
To renew a community or workplace screening program, please email
Can you send me an invoice for our screening renewal?
If you are unable to pay online by credit card, please select check or purchase order as your method of payment, and we will be happy to send you an invoice for your purchase.