About the Two Online Courses

What is it?

SOS for Higher Ed includes two 30-minute, self-guided prevention trainings and is grounded in the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) framework.

It teaches faculty/staff how to respond to signs of distress in students, while teaching students how to ACT if they're worried about themselves or a friend.

Who is it for?

Faculty & Staff Training: this employee-focused training is designed to bring suicide prevention education to the professors, advisors, administrators, coaches, residence life, and other staff interacting with students daily.  

Student Training: this training is appropriate for all students across colleges, universities, and graduate programs.  

To reach as many students as possible with these valuable skills, we recommend your school consider mandating or incentivizing the course as part of new student orientation, participation in campus activities (sports, clubs, Greek Life), or student employment.  

Who is it for?

  • $5,000 per individual course, per campus ($7,500 for both) 
  • Access to online, self-led courses for students and faculty/staff 
  • Includes best practices, promotional resources, and Group Facilitation Guides 
  • Appropriate for students, faculty, staff, administrators, athletic staff, etc.  
  • No backend administration required; automatic reports track course completion 


  • Download the Student Course Fact Sheet
  • Download the Faculty & Staff Course Fact Sheet
  • Download the Best Practices Guide
  • *Announcing SOS for Higher Ed: Suicide Prevention for Faculty & Staff


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