MindWise Expert Interview

This April, our MindWise experts were invited to participate in Mari Ryan's renowned Workplace Wellbeing Essentials Series. 

Mari Ryan is the CEO and founder of Advancing Wellness and in this interview she talks to MindWise's Lisa Desai and Bryan Kohl about the critically important behavioral health topics that are impacting employee wellbeing around the globe. 

Watch the video to see the full interview, and click here to read a transcribed version of the audio.

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About the MindWise Experts

Bryan Kohl

Bryan Kohl

Senior Vice President, MindWise Innovations

Bryan Kohl is a 20 year technology professional who has spent his career working with start-ups and large organizations such as Bose Corporation and Dell Technologies.

Now, as the Senior Vice President of MindWise Innovations, he leads all strategic and organizational development efforts - prioritizing the innovation of educational technologies and the digital transformation of all behavioral health programs. Outside of work, you can find Bryan playing the drums, spending time with friends, reading, running, and during the winter months, skiing.


Lisa Desai

Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D.

Director of Behavioral Health Consulting, MindWise Innovations

Lisa Desai is a licensed psychologist and behavioral health professional with 20 years of clinical, management, and consulting experience.

Through her work at MindWise, she helps companies prioritize effective and sustainable behavioral health strategies through the business development, design and implementation, and evaluation of mental health and substance misuse programs. Lisa lives in Boston with her husband, two daughters, and beloved black lab. She is of South Asian descent, speaks Gujarati, and enjoys all things social.