Purchasing FAQs

Is a login required to place an order online?

No, you do not have to login to place an order in our online shop.

Can I receive an invoice for our license purchase or renewal?

If you are unable to pay online by credit card when you are purchasing an SOS or Screening license, place your order as normal and please select check or purchase order as your method of payment. We will be happy to send you an invoice for your purchase.

payment options

Can I submit a purchase order for our license purchase or renewal?

Please place your order online as you otherwise would for your SOS or Screening license, then select purchase order as your method of payment. We will be happy to send you an invoice for your purchase. Please do not send us your purchase order until you have received an invoice from us.payment options


Are SOS program licenses sold per district or per school?

SOS program licenses are sold per school building and not per district. If you are purchasing multiple licenses, please complete the purchase in one transaction by adjusting the quantity for each license in your shopping cart. If you are purchasing more than 20 licenses, please email hello@mindwise.org for assistance.

Need help? Watch the video to the right for step-by-step instructions on how to renew or purchase an SOS program license.

How do I renew my SOS or Screening license?

To renew your SOS License:

Visit our online shop and click on either the SOS Middle School Program or High School Program. From the product page, use the 'Year' dropdown menu to select either 'First Year' (for new purchases) or 'Renewal,' and then click 'Add to Cart.'

To renew your College Screening License:

To renew your College Screening subscription please visit our online shop and select the appropriate pricing option based on your institution’s total student enrollment.

To renew your Community or Workplace Screening License:

To renew a Community or Workplace screening program, please email info@mindwise.org.


I need help logging in or with my password.

Help, I can't access my SOS Portal?

  1. Please make sure that you are on the correct website: sossignsofsuicide.org.
  2. Next, make sure that you are using your username (formatted [yourschool]-imp), not an email address. Your username was assigned to you by the SOS team.

How do I reset my password?

  1. On the SOS homepage, there is a link that allows you to reset you own password.
  2. After clicking on the link, clients will be prompted to enter their name and username (formatted [yourschool]-imp).
  3. Clicking ‘Submit’ will prompt an automatic email from the portal with a one-time login link, at which point you can reset your password.

Every time I try to log in, it makes me reset my password.

It’s likely you’re using the link in your original setup email (sent from no-reply@sossignsofsuicide.org) each time you access the program. Instead, please go to sossignsofsuicide.org and use the username (formatted [yourschool]-imp) provided in your email and the most recent password you set to log in.

I'm trying to login, but it says 'unrecognizable username or password'.

Are you trying to log in with your email address? You will need to use the username (formatted [yourschool]-imp) provided in your original setup email (sent from no-reply@sossignsofsuicide.org).

I haven’t gotten any emails from the SOS portal.

Check with your spam/junk mail folder or filter. We recommend liaising with your IT department to add “@mindwise.org” and “@signsofsuicide.org” to your Safe Senders list to ensure that emails from us always make it to your inbox.

There are multiple people on our team. Can we all access the SOS portal?

Yes – you will all share the one provided username (formatted [yourschool]-imp). Make sure to set a password that you are comfortable sharing with others.

How do we change the email associated with our account?

You will need to contact the SOS Team to make this change. Email us at SOS@mindwise.org or call us at 781-239-0071.

How can parents at my school access the parent portal?

As of July 2019, we’ve completely unlocked the parent portal to make it easier than ever for parents to find out more about the program and get engaged in your school’s suicide prevention efforts. To access the portal, parents can go to sossignsofsuicide.org/parent or click on the parent link on the SOS homepage.

Screening FAQs

How do I access the Online Screening Admin?
Visit https://www.mindwise.org/customer-login/, scroll down and click on Online Screening Admin.  Your username should be your email address and you can request a password reset if you have forgotten your password. 
How can I find my screening URL?
You can find this information in the Profile tab of the Online Screening Admin.
How do I get reports and make updates to my screening site?

How can I receive my screening utilization data reports by email?

You can update this in the Profile tab of the Online Screening Admin. Multiple email address may be entered.  

How do I run utilization reports?

In the Reports tab, you can run a report for the last 30 days, current month, previous month, or “custom range”.  This information can then be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet and/or PDF.  

How do I update the admin contact information for my account?

You may update the admin name and email, as well as the account password in the Profile section.  

What can I do in the Customization tab?

In this section you can enable or disable Spanish translations as well as the “Print Results” and “Email Results” features.  You can also upload a new logo and customize the referral information that is placed at the end of the screenings.  Please note that you will need to provide the Spanish text for any referral information that you add.

How can I add new demographics questions?

In the Demographics tab you may add your own demographic questions (you will need to provide Spanish text for any questions that you create).  You may also choose to activate/deactivate the demographics questions that are already pre-populated in the platform and activate/deactivate the treatment history questions for each screen.  

I need to deactivate some of my screenings. Is this possible?

Yes. Please email screening@mindwise.org.  Your deactivated screens can be reactivated at any time.  Please note that for the Wide Range Screen to function properly, the Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Use, Alcohol Use and Disordered Eating screens must be active.

Does it cost more or less to have certain screenings activated on our platform?
No, your annual subscription cost includes access to all of our screenings and activating or deactivating specific ones will not affect the cost.   
Where can I find the research citations and validations for the screenings?


While the MindWise screenings are educational and not diagnostic, they have been validated. This means in a trial, the screenings consistently came to the same conclusion that a clinician did when evaluating patients.

Download the citations here.


Learn about the individual screening validations for MindWise screens, such as: Alcohol Use, Adolescent Depression, Disordered Eating, General Anxiety, Gambling, Depression, Bipolar, Opioid Use, Psychosis, and more.

Download the validations here.


DigitalChalk Course FAQs

What is DigitalChalk?
MindWise Innovations uses DigitalChalk’s online platform to host digital trainings and continuing education courses for professionals.
What is my username?
The username used to login to DigitalChalk and access the training is the email address you entered when setting up your account.
How do I start my course?
After creating your account using the included instructions, navigate to your MindWise Innovations Dashboard and click on the course name or image. From there, click “Start Course” (or “Continue Course” if you’re resuming).
I’ve setup my DigitalChalk account but there are no courses on my Dashboard.

To ensure everything is setup correctly, log out of and back into your DigitalChalk account. If there are still no courses on your Dashboard, check that you’ve entered your Redemption Code correctly (see next question).

Oops, I entered my Redemption Code wrong – what do I do?
  1. Click on ‘Account’ in the gray bar at the very top of the window.
  2. Click on ‘More Information’ from the list on the left.
  3. Check that what’s in the ‘Redemption Code’ field matches Redemption Code given to you with these instructions.
  4. After making any edits, click the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the window.
  5. Log out of and back into DigitalChalk; the new content should be available on your Dashboard.
I completed a course and now my Dashboard is empty – where did my course go?

After completing a course, it’s moved automatically from the ‘Current Courses’ tab to the ‘Completed Courses’ tab on your Dashboard. To revisit a course or download a certificate of completion, click on the ‘Completed Courses’ tab followed by the course image or name.

For SOS for School Staff and MindWise on Campus, how do I navigate within the training module?
  • In the bottom-left corner, press the “play” or “pause” buttons at any time.
  • In the bottom-right corner, you may: restart the current lesson/activity, adjust the volume, enable closed captions, and modify other settings.
  • In the top-right corner, you can view a list of all lessons/activities under “Menu” and return to previously completed lessons/activities; view the “Objectives” of the course; and use the “Exit” button to save your progress and return to your dashboard.
  • In the top-left corner, you may read notes specific to the current lesson/activity by clicking the icon

You may use the slider at the bottom of the screen to rewind each lesson/activity. The restart button in the bottom-right corner will reset the current lesson/activity to the beginning. Alternatively, you can use the “Menu” button in the top-right corner to return to previously completed lessons/activities

The training module for SOS for School Staff or MindWise on Campus keeps stopping - what’s going on?

Because of the importance and sensitivity of the topic of suicide prevention, SOS for School Staff is designed to limit distractions to the learner while engaged in the course. If you click away from the browser window displaying the training, playback will stop and you will have to return to the window or tab to resume.

Can I start and stop the training or do I have to take it in a single sitting?

Your progress within the course will be saved on DigitalChalk, so you may exit the course at any point and resume when convenient. To ensure your progress is saved, be sure to return to the course homepage by clicking the ‘Exit’ or 'Close' button before closing any browser window.

What if the training freezes or fails to load properly?

If you experience any technical issues with the training such as video content freezing, audio and video out of sync, or images/text that does not completely load on your screen, start by refreshing your browser. If refreshing does not resolve the issue, restarting your computer likely will. You can also contact DigitalChalk Support.

How can I access support?

DigitalChalk Support is available by email (support@digitalchalk.com) or by telephone (877-321-2451, option 2) Monday-Friday, 8:30AM - 5:30PM ET, excluding holidays. You may also search the Knowledge Base for the DigitalChalk Continuing Ed Platform.

Are there minimum system requirements for using DigitalChalk?
I lost my instructions – how do I setup my DigitalChalk account?
You can download the Administrator Instructions or Individual Instructions by clicking on these links.

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