The New Screening Platform

At the beginning of 2023, MindWise Screening sites were migrated to a brand-new platform, developed in partnership with HealthFleet.

This new foundation offers greater platform flexibility and enhanced stability - while helping to ensure the security and anonymity of your screening site and data.

As we continuously strive to elevate client value, we hope these updates allow you to further increase mental health support within your communities and connect more individuals with MindWise screenings. 


Earlier this year, you received a series of emails from outlining the timeline for your migration. These included information on how to prepare (also shown below), the date your site was moved, your new login information, and whom to contact for support. 

Once your site was migrated, your URL was automatically redirected to a new link and required no updates on your end. We anticipate no interruption to your screening users.

Customization Options

Within the new platform, you now have the ability to choose from our new catalog of pre-written demographic questions rather than creating your own. Both of these short and expanded question sets have been tailored to a wide range of audiences that span the needs of higher education, community health organizations, and employers.

If you currently use custom demographic questions, MindWise assigned the most similar new question set to your site at the time of migration.


Your new screening site includes Tableau reporting, which is the broadest and deepest, end-to-end data and analytics platform available. You'll now be able to receive ad hoc insights into the use of your screening site, filter reports (by date, screening type, deep-dive into questions/responses, etc.), and export reports in a variety of formats such as Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, images, and more.

*Please note that you will no longer receive automated screening reports by email. Moving forward, site admins will be required to log in to view reporting data.

How to Prepare

Please contact our Customer Success team directly at if you would like to change your logo, update custom resources, or pull reporting data.

Questions & Ongoing Support

Please contact with any questions about your screening site.

We'll continue to provide information and updates on any changes and enhancements to the platform moving forward.